Spring 2016 MAC Haul


MAC Haul

I usually get my dose of MAC at my local CCO. But every now and then I make my way over to MAC Cosmetics and decide I “need” a thing or two. Well let’s just say the last time I made this decision, I walked away $500 short. This time around my haul wasn’t that massive but I finally got some more shadows to fill up my MAC z-palette.

MAC Eyeshadow Z-Palette

I’ll be dedicating a post entirely to my z-palette and labeling all eyeshadows.

MAC Haul -1MAC Haul -2

I love MAC eyeshadows. Especially now that the prices were lowered to $6 a shadow. I’ll probably be getting a ton more now and filling up another z-palette very soon.

MAC Stripdown & Subculture Lipliner MAC Stripdown & Subculture Lipliner-1

Some people don’t like MAC lipliners because they are on the dry side but I’ve never had a problem. Stripdown is all I’ve been wearingΒ lately.

MAC Shadester MAC Shadester 1

I’ve been dying to add this to my smaller z-palette reserved for face powders. I already own Emphasize and Sculpt. I picked up Shadester because I’m almost done with Sculpt and I’ll probably not repurchase again because I love Shadester so much more.

MAC Oyster Girl MAC Oyster Girl 1

Yes MAC glosses are on the sticky side but I definitely don’t mind. I’ve really been into glosses lately. But I’m not really comfortable paying as much for a gloss as I would for a lipstick. So I’m going to hit up Ulta for some NYX glosses soon.

MAC Vamplify Pamela MAC Vamplify Pamela-1

Like I said I’m into glosses lately haha. Seriously didn’t mind paying for this one though because it’s SO pigmented. It’s like a lipstick but with a gloss application. Best of both worlds. This shade is life (very similar to Whirl) and it was limited edition but still available!

MAC Gold Liquid Last Eyeliner MAC Gold Liquid Last Eyeliner-1

I love gold, so naturally I picked this liquidlast eyeliner up. I do wish the applicator were thinner for a more precise finish. Very pigmented and the right consistency. Also limited edition but still available!

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